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The recommended time period for non-tidal data is year round. All samples collected within a calendar year should be included in data analyses. Once thresholds have been identified, data are scored using either a pass/fail or multiple threshold method. Ideally, multiple thresholds are used to provide some gradation of results from poor to excellent, rather than just pass or fail, but this may not be appropriate for all indicators.

Read more about this protocol's scoring methods.


Elks Run Watershed

The Elks Run Watershed Group aspires to act as an advocate and steward of the Elks Run watershed by undertaking projects that will reduce pollution and connect citizens to our watershed. Elks Run Watershed Group volunteers care for the Elks Run and Elks Branch tributaries, which supply drinking water to Harpers Ferry and Bolivar and flow into the Potomac River and ultimately Chesapeake Bay.



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