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Birkin Newell, Russian Riverkeeper

Planting time! We are putting in some key native plants that will spread throughout the new soil lifts and help to prevent erosion in the future. Plants such as Mugwort, Bee Plant, Gray Rush and Sedges will act as a ground cover, and several species of riparian trees will hopefully grow into shade-providing canopy over the creek. All of those willow cuttings will stabilize the bank with lots of root growth.

Abby Braman, Pearl Riverkeeper

Plastic pollution, Jackson Waterworks. This location has an on-going problem of plastic pollution that floats downriver and accumulates here. It needs a Bandalong River Trap or weekly cleanups to prevent the pollution from heading further downstream. This location has been cleaned up on: (Mar 29, 2017, PRK), (Apr 1, 2017, PRK), (Apr 14, PRK), (Apr 18, PRK, Americorps), (May 2, 2017, PRK), (May 9, 2017, PRK), (Mary 31, 2017, PRK), (Jun 14, PRK), (Jul 7, 2017, PRK), (Aug 31, 2017, PRK), (23 Sept 2017, Pearl River Clean Sweep) #PRK, #PearlRiverkeeper

David Prescott, Save the Bay

Delivery of 15,000 #saltmarsh plants came in today for our saltmarsh #restoration and #coastaladaptation project at the #Charlestownbreachway. Over the next several days all these grasses will be transplanted by #volunteers in the #Ninigret marsh.

Jule Schultz, Spokane Riverkeeper

We helped the city of Spokane remove a bunch of trash from alongside the river. The trash was from a homeless camp which had grown quite large. Homelessness clearly contributes to the litter in the river but it's such a hard issue because you are dealing with people on the margins of society that need services and help the city is not yet set up to provide.

Matt Pluta, Choptank Riverkeeper

Oyster planting in the Choptank River! #oysterrestoration #choptankriver

Alex Yuro, Harpeth Conservancy

Removed a large amount of trash (including 250# of tires) from the Harpeth. Section was from the Williamson County rec center to Cotton Lane (Fieldstone Farms HOA).

Mike Mullen, Choctawhatchee Riverkeeper

The Kriser builders people have not addressed erosion and sediment control deficiencies that resulted in an ADEM consent order about this time last year. Additionally, there are significant disturbed areas that have not been stabilized. ADEM compliance enforcement on this site is a prime example of how ADEM is not effectively compelling a return to compliance on construction sites that are violating their permits. There are two images here. Other images will be given to ADEM via their complaints system. The picture in this post is a construction site entrance off of Doyle Road without stabilization. The picture in the comment shows an area that has been eroding unaddressed since fall. 2016